201803.19 – We Are Official

It’s not official, we are now a Correspondence Chapter of SFI.org in our Shakedown cruise. I am thankful for the help of my XO Mike Dodd, my friends on GeekCastRadio.com and ThisWeekinGeek.net that joined to help us on this endeavor. I’d also like to thank our RC for Region 13, RC for Region 1, The USS Liberty in R1, and those in SFI in the DTS and SHoC departments of Operations.

As we begin our journey of being a new Chapter, we hope to bring some new things to SFI as well as some fun for those in the USS Future Imperfect. I game quite frequently within the confines of Battlefield 1, Battlefield 4 and heavily on Star Trek Online for those wanting to play together, let me know. We also run a podcast that is the namesake of this very Chapter. Future Imperfect is a podcast myself and Lt. Commander Dodd created a number of years ago. It features interviews with people such a the Okuda’s, The Star Trek Renegades cast, and our thoughts on a variety of facets on Trek.

We’ll do occasional town-hall meetings among the Chapter and also update here with the latest in the Chapter. An email newsletter while helpful to some, I feel and could be wrong, gives people something to check the website for more often and clutters less of the inbox. We’ll also be occasionally submitting content ot the official SFI Quarterly now that we’re a Chapter.

We may be new but we hope to have things for Trek fans, our podcast listeners and our Chapter members as time goes on. I am always available if you’d like to reach out to me with less than a day turn around on email or social media where I’m more frequent.

So until next time, see you out there…

Commander Steve Phillips

USS Future Imperfect NX-1763

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