Shipwide Update: Captain’s Log Stardate: 2018.2480

[Captain’s Log Stardate: 2018.2480]

I am endeavoring into the great unknown as new crew have joined us and we are growing slowly but surely.

I’d also like to update those following us that I will get more done with the website in the near future. I will also be updating with the next event. We will coordinate soon for some Trek Online as well as other convention appearances.

In case it was missed, the Michigan Science Center in Detroit, MI is featuring a 21 and over event on September 20th from 6-9pm EST for Star Trek. This even I was personally invited to guest at, help with the event and to help them in the ideas to which I was very honored.

If you’re going be sure to look for the guy wearing a reddish Trek shirt with the classic USS Enterprise on it. I only wish my uniform was ready to use at this event but sadly it is not at this time which looks like this to the right:

So in the meantime, look out as the podcast is back and we’ll be doing some reviews on Trek books, tv, films, games, media and news.

We’re also getting this for review and for reading for Future Imperfect so if interested after I’ve read and reviewed it, let me know and I’ll mail it to you!

Until next time, LLAP.

Captain Phillips signing off.

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