Commissioning Documents

Launched Stardate 201803.17:

Members of STARFLEET,

Today is a great day. Today we launch into our ranks, the Starship USS
Future Imperfect, NCC-1763. This Chapter is based in Flushing, MI (USA) and
Captain Steven Phillips is the Commanding Officer, Commander
Mike Dodd is the Executive Officer.

Cmdr. Phillips, you are hereby cleared to begin deployed chapter operations
in your assigned patrol area after reporting in to FAdm. Dave Blaser at
Starbase 13.  Due to the Romulan threats in Sector 01, you’ll need to head
to Starbase 1 shortly after reporting in. There you’ll report in to Adm.
Ruth Lane.

Launching a new chapter is the greatest joy that I have as STARFLEET Chief
of Operations. I wish you fair winds and following seas.

In Service,
MGN Joseph Sare, K8FON – SFMC
STARFLEET Chief of Operations